Qualitative research is used to explore the meanings people attach to products, messages, brands, people etc. Sometimes these meanings can be difficult for participants to talk about openly or are ‘hidden’ in the subconscious mind. we selects the most appropriate techniques to elicit these meanings in both focus groups and in-depth interviews:


These techniques can be used effective when

People may not be conscious of their underlying motivations

People tell you what they think you want to hear

People may be embarrassed to admit their real motivations

Most people think of themselves as being completely rational in their decision making and may dismiss non-rational reasons for their behaviors

Participants find the product, service mundane, uninteresting

When language is difficult e.g. trying to explain a taste or a feeling

we has used a wide variety of projective techniques including:

College making

User image

Projective Questioning

Guided Fantasy

Bubble Diagram / Sentence Completion

Brand party


Obituaries / Reincarnation

Projective techniques involve asking participants to make associations between a brand, product organization etc and external stimuli then to discuss their reasons for their associations. This enables the individual or group to express feelings through light-hearted exercises which reveal insight into their deeper relationship with the brand, product, organization etc