Qualitative Research

Highly experienced researchers for focus groups, paired interviews and one-to- one depth interviews:

Moderators specializing in consumer research, ad testing, new product development, political and social research, business to business and media.

Global qualitative experience.

Specialists in Middle Eastern and African political qualitative research

About our main specialty:

Public opinion questionnaire:

The public opinion questionnaires have a great important after Iraq enter a new stage in building its modern institutions that depend in most of its decision on the public opinions and the citizen’s opinion in Iraqi’s street to increase the awareness and depend the modern and fashionable style to know the needs of Iraqi society, therefore our company do an effacing studies by a public opinion questionnaires in cooperate with the Iraqis universities in all scientific studies and about all economic and society sides and the needs of Iraqi peoples of services, healthcare and financial by help of our professional staff that have scientific and artistic experiences in that field that react with the citizens in their regions and hear their troubles and transfer it to the meant persons and civil society organizations to find solutions and raise up the economic, healthcare and cultural situation from the
benefits of these studies and getting the accurate results from the Iraqi opinions in all it’s differences

The market researches consultation

Our company present a studies to all companies and institutions that want to make projects in Iraq according to the modern styles and give a scientific consultations in Iraqi market researches and the Iraqi consumption behavior through estimating the Iraqi markets and the Iraqi’s consumption behaviors and make a plans to develop the production operation, distributions, and sales and that help to success the marketing plans &MONITORING\CSP\field forms\Completed project instrument